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In my gallery you shall find many crazy things and quite possibly something that appeals to you (I hope D: )

from Trek to TRON, from fantasy to historical, from Beatles to Moody Blues.

My gallery goes where no gallery has gone before :iconwthplz:

ENJOY!! :icontardplz:

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Found this villain meme and had to try it for my Simulacrum Villains! I chose Mayor Randall (need to update his profile, but whatevs), Rilo Bari'at, and Chet Astor. Chet is more of an antagonist and a jerk than a pure villain, while Randall and Rilo are truly questionable....Randall in a corrupt politician sense, and Rilo in a for the evulz sense.

1. Use no more than 5 villains.
2. They must be OCs
3. Answer each question in first person.
4. Please link me in the comments and credit me in the description.
5. Tag someone, please!

Greetings, and welcome to the "Villians Interview Meme". Whether you like it or not, you've been brought here to answer some questions about yourself. This is a recording, pausing and starting controlled by your author, so you cannot attack me.  If you begin to fight with one another, you WILL be sedated/strait-jacketed. Alright now, let's start.

 Would you show the viewers a shred of kindness by allowing us to know your name(s)?

1. Mayor Dennis Randall

2. Rilo son of Tal of the House of Bari’at

3. Dr. Chet Astor

Are you male or female?

Randall: Well, I’m a man….obviously.

Rilo: Male >3

Chet: Um…..male :iconwthplz:

How old are you in human years? 

Randall: Looking pretty good at 55

Rilo: In *utmost contempt* human years? 30…I believe.

Chet: 28

What exactly are you?

Randall: A human….

Rilo: I am of the Voush’ni, the most honorable race in the Universe.

Chet: Human.

Do you have any powers?

Randall: POLITICAL powers :iconhurrplz:

Rilo: My charming demeanor >3 >3 >3

Chet: No.

Who is your archrival, and what do you hate about them? Do they have powers?

Randall: Well I have a big problem with pretty much anyone who’s going to undermine the integrity of the Corporation of the Americas, especially those no-good Coalition terrorists.

Rilo: Ugh, that upstart little harlot, Ara. She tried to kill me. She won’t get away with it. I don’t care what I have to do to find her.

Chet: Well, I’m disappointed in my brother. I tried to talk reason to him…but he never listens. You can’t just go around saying slanderous things about the Mayor, or it’s going to get you in a lot of trouble.

Do you rule over any sort of land, country, county?

Randall: *proud* I am the Mayor of Los Angeles.

Rilo: Well, not technically. I will be in charge of the family estate when my father is dead….   >w>

Chet: Oh no, I’m just a humble scientist.

Why are you considered "the bad guy"?

Randall: *uspet* Who ever said I was a bad guy? My constituents adore me. Maybe those Coalition terrorists hate me, but it’s their fault for not choosing to follow the rules of the Corporation.

Rilo: *laughs* Perhaps people are simply jealous of me because I know how to get what I want, and they don’t.

Chet: I’m not a bad guy. I’m just trying to be realistic.

Do you consider yourself purely evil?

Randall: Evil? *offended* Of course I’m not evil. I care deeply about the people of my city….as long as they follow the law. Any questionable thing I’ve ever done has been for the good of the city. Someone has to make the tough decisions around here.

Rilo: I’m not evil. I just don’t care about anyone. Besides it’s not like anyone else really cares either. Everyone with enough brain is just a liar and a fake. It’s not my fault I’m better at playing the game than everyone else is. And at least I can admit to myself that I don’t care.

Chet: Evil? No, no, no. I might be harsh, and I might look at the truth the way it really is, but how can that make me evil?

What do you think of the others in the quiz room?

Randall: Dr. Astor, he’s a good man. A premier scientist in our city. As for this dumbo-eared alien bastard…he’s the most cavalier person I’ve ever met. I hate working with him because he just plain creeps me out.

Rilo: Dumbo-eared alien bastard? I’ll choke the life out of you, you insignificant piece of human filth! *attacks* It’s YOUR fault that the wench who tried to murder me ESCAPED *strangles*

Randall: Ack!

Chet: Oh, dear… O____________________O;;

On a rate of one to ten, how powerful do you think the villain next to you is?

Randall: *stares at Rilo in terror* No comment…

Rilo: Both of these fools aren’t even worth my time.

Chet: Um….really….I’m not even sure what’s going on anymore. Why am I here, again???

Now, how powerful do you consider yourself to be?

Randall: Not as powerful as President Navarro, naturally. But I hold a lot of weight as a mayor of a city-state.

Rilo: Well, naturally I am the most powerful person in the Universe :iconstudmuffinplz:

Chet: Not…powerful at all <______<;;

Do you have an evil laugh?

Randall: I’m not evil!

(Me: Yes he does….)

Rilo: Well I do find it amusing to….hehe…toy around with all the little peons around me… :iconhurrhurrplz:

(Me: And he does too….an especially creepy one….)

Chet: What? No! D:

Do ya fear death?

Randall: I wouldn’t WANT to die, but am I afraid? Well, I don’t know.

Rilo: I fear nothing.

Chet: *shrug*

What's your goal, exactly? Or are you just evil for the heck of it?

Randall: My goal is to run the city. If people don’t want to follow the rules and be model citizens…that’s not my fault.

Rilo: Well, my revenge on Ara is most important….as for everything else….I get pretty bored and there are just so many insignificant people around to take advantage of. It’s not like they have anything better to do, so I do them a favor and make them useful to me :meow:

Chet: Well, my goal is stopping my brother from destroying everything. He should have just kept his mouth shut in the first place. But no…he never let’s anything go.

Do you have henchmen/a henchman?

Randall: My guard does the….strong-arming….for me.

Rilo: Huh…as if one could consider that fat ganak Dannen to even be worthy enough. He tries though…. :iconthatsgreatplz:

Chet: Henchman? I don’t know who or what you think I am….but I think I’m in the wrong interview D:

What do you drive?

Randall: Well, my driver drives me places…in my Astroluxe Centennial (a luxury hovercar)

Rilo: I have a driver too, members of the Third Caste have people for trivial things like that.

Chet: A hovercar >______>

What do you do when you aren't trying to do whatever you're trying to achieve?

Randall: Well, I like playing golf with my neighbors, going out on my yacht with the family. And playing polo is fun sometimes.

Rilo: Hunting animals for sport. *proud* I once trapped a Beast of To’phan, one of the rarest animals on Voush’noun. *Eagerly pulls out mini holo-computer* I’ve got PICTURES! :iconiloveitmoreplz:

Chet: Uhm……. <w<;;

Were you ever a double-crosser (pretended to be on the opposite team, then stabbed them in the back)?

Randall: Ha! Why would I ever pretend to be one of those psychotic terrorists?

Rilo: Huehueuehuheehuhe! I double cross people all the time. It’s fun!

Chet: ._____.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how often do you lie? *gives them truth syrum*

Randall: Uh….uhh…uhhhh….ALL THE TIME! D: D:

Rilo: Pfftt…I’m always lying. It’s not like it’s that big of a deal.

Chet: I’m actually….pretty honest…so maybe…..4?

What color is your: hair?

Randall: Dark brown, but graying

Rilo: Blond

Chet: Brown


Randall: Blue

Rilo: Green

Chet: Hazel


Randall: Pff, white

Rilo: Pale.

Chet: Darkish tan?

Whats your uniform/favorite outfit?

Randall: I like fine suits.

Rilo: So do I….just Voush’ni style ones

Chet: Eh, well at work I either wear a suit or lab coat.

Have you ever gone mad?

Randall: >______________>

Rilo: Maybe…. >3

Chet: :iconwhutplz:

If so, did you enjoy it?

Randall: <_____________<

Rilo: Maybe………….. >3

Chet: ………..

Have any family?

Randall: Sure, my wife, Sharon, and my son, Jonathan.

Rilo: *nonchalantly* My parents and *disdainfully* those two little needy, whining, brat children of mine….They always want something…..

Chet: My wife Rubi and my son Bradley

Have you ever been in love? If you have, do they love you back?

Randall: Sure, I love my wife very much :3

Rilo: Hahaha….love. What a trivial thing.

Chet: Well, my wife.

Can you cook?

Randall: I prefer to go out, or enjoy my wife’s cooking.

Rilo: Of course not. Do I look like some Seventh Caste peasant to you?

Chet: Sure, my mother taught me how to make a lot of different things :3

Do you despise the Earth?

Randall: Of course not.

Rilo: You mean the planet? Yes. Humans are disgusting lowly animals.

Chet: Well, It’s pretty messed up…but no. D:

What's your pet peeve?

Randall: I don’t like people questioning my policies.

Rilo: I hate it when my mother talks about how prestigious and otherworldly she is. She’s such a pretentious old hag. Sometimes I just want to stab her.

Chet: Well, I really hate it when things are disorganized.

What kind of music to you like?

Randall: Country and pop, I guess. I just listen to whatever my son listens to. He’s knows what’s popular these days :3

Rilo: *shrugs* Traditional Hale’an music I suppose…

Chet: Rock…

What's your favorite food?

Randall: A nice pot roast.

Rilo: Fried werng-han is my favorite.

Chet: Chicken kebabs, or enchiladas.

Are you bored, want to kill me, satisfied with this quiz, etc.?

Randall: *shrug*

Rilo: Oooh, killing you might make me not bored >3

Chet: *looks at Rilo* Uhm…may I leave now…..please? >_____________>;;

Who's your favorite villain other than yourself?

Randall: I admire President Navarro…and if you think I’m a villain…you might think he’s a villain too.

Rilo: Huh….you’re funny

Chet: I….don’t even know…

Do you think you're gonna die in your story?

Randall and Chet: :iconwhutplz:

Rilo: *shrug*

Well, I have to go, and I'm sure you have a lot of evil scheming to do. Peace out! (Or should I say "destruction out!" in your cases?) For your creators, go tag someone! Please, it won't take long!

HanHan: I tag….any one of my watchers who want to do this!

Anything to add now that I'm done rambling?

Randall: Vote for me!

Rilo: Can I kill you now? :la:

Chet: Uhm…..i’m leaving…*slowly walks away*

  • Listening to: Ways to Go - Grouplove
  • Reading: Black Butler
  • Watching: George Harrison\\\'s pirate song!!
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  • Drinking: nada


Hannah Bottenberg
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United States
Student of Creative Writing and Digital Art :heart:


Star Trek, Moody Blues, Beatles, TRON, Disney, Cats, Hippies, 60s 70s & 80s, Emergency!, Peace, California (my HOMEEE), Criminal Minds, Disco, Sci-fi, Britian :flaguk:, faeries, Psychedelic Stuff, Oldschool Video/Computer Games, Earth


Haters, Ignorant/Arrogant People, Crazy Drivers, Typos, The Santa Ana Winds!, Brussles Sprouts

Stuff I'm Working On

1. Simulacrum - Sci-fi comic/novel
2. Star Trek: Defiance|Alliance RP [REBOOTED]

I'm Open For

Art trades ONLY

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Other RPs, commissions, requests

Don't let my politics offend you....I'm very liberal.....maybe even socialist :XD:



Of my alien species for my comic, which one is your fave? :D 

3 deviants said Voush'ni (Centaurians)
3 deviants said Argaesians
2 deviants said Tarkainians
2 deviants said Grossians
1 deviant said Gongolians
No deviants said Tortons


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AgentPrettyBoy Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey c: I was just wondering; Does Mayor Randall drink/ smoke when he's stressed? owo 
MoodyBeatleGirl Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Hahahaha! I have never really thought about that actually :XD: I'm not sure if I really see him being much of a smoker but for some reason I can see him having a bottle of scotch in his desk drawer lol I don't even know why.....
AgentPrettyBoy Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I only asked cause I had an idea on how I was going to draw him xD But I wanted to make sure it would be in character first xD
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Hehehehe awesome :iconhurrplz:
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Zaarin1 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! I'm thoroughly enjoying Simulacrum. Sirius reminds me of Data. :) (I mean that in a good way, not a derivitive way... ;) )
MoodyBeatleGirl Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome! :la: And hahaha Data was definitely one of the many inspirations for Sirius :XD:
Zaarin1 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's funny, because at the same time you started the arc about Sirius's backstory I had just watched the episode where Data meets Dr. Soong. :P
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